Lil Peep is embracing his breakout year to the fullest, and he's back with another set of visuals for his "Awful Things" record with Lil Tracy. The two provide some trippy vibes in the dark video, which sees them embracing some of the gritty fantasies of teenagers in high school.

The video sees the GOTHBOICLIQUE member get together with a pretty blonde girl in his school, where they get intimate in a neon-colored bathroom, before she ends up breaking his heart. The extreme emotions flood through "The Brightside" entertainer until he ends up eventually setting himself on fire in front of his leading lady. Tracy also matches the melancholy vibes of the song, wearing a bunny suit while he mournfully dabs as he stands in the halls.

The visuals are directed by Sus Boy, who is the rapper's creative director, as well as Hot Sugar's Nick Koenig, with both of them perfectly captivating the sentiments of a teenager harshly getting his heart broken and the overwhelming thoughts that follow.

Not only has Lil Peep quickly risen in popularity over the course of this year, but he also recently came out to his fans as bisexual.

Watch the official video of Lil Peep and Lil Tracy's "Awful Things" record below to see the fantasies come alive, and listen to his new album Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 1.

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