It's been a week since Lil Peep died unexpectedly at the tender age of 21, but it turns out that, despite the fact that he only released a few projects while he was alive, we haven't heard the last of the rapper. In a newly unearthed Montreality interview from last April, Peep speaks on everything from drug use to his love for Future, before giving advice to people contemplating suicide.

Using his own rough patches and subsequent happiness as an example, Peep urges people not to give up. "Everything changes with time," he begins. "You can't predict where you're gonna be next year, you have no idea, you know what I mean? Like, I've been at very, very, very low points," he continues.

When dealing with his own problems, Peep says he took his mother's advice about time healing all wounds and waiting out the suffering because things will eventually get better. He also implies that being grateful can curb suicidal thoughts

"You have to be grateful for what you have. Never be ungrateful," he says, before going on to say live for people who are struggling to survive in more immediately adverse circumstances. "Live on for them," he adds.

Elsewhere in the interview, Peep talks a bit about his favorite rappers. Hendrix lands on his short list. "Future is gonna be remembered forever, Future just has so much quality music," affirms Peep, whose merch has sold out following his death. "People like to turn up to it and they don't even sometimes know what they're listening to and it's just like so much deeper than turning up to that shit. It gets me emotional you know."

Watch Lil Peep's previously unreleased interview for yourself below. His advice for people having suicidal thoughts comes in at the 11:24 mark.

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