Seattle’s Lil Mosey is not one to be looked over when it comes to the 2019 XXL Freshman class. After having two tracks debut on the Billboard 200 and nearly 250 million streams on Spotify alone, the “Noticed” rapper has built momentum significant enough to place him in the mainstream conversation. Now comes the time for his Freshman freestyle.

Mosey hits the ground running with his bars, finding a groove and staying in that lane. His delivery is raspy but controlled; throaty but confident, allowing him to intertwine words together with ease. The 17-year-old rapper spits on his come up, talking about keeping his inner circle tight, what it was like growing up in Seattle and living the life of luxury as a teenager.

“Just need new money, don’t need no new friends/2016, took five to a 10,” he raps. The last few years have changed Lil Mosey’s life. From having a small, grassroots following in 2016, to nationwide success and beyond in 2019, the incline to stardom has been steep for the rising star.

Near the end of his verse he addresses the struggle of where he came from before the rap game. “You a lil smoka, you ain’t got no match/Came from the hood, we started from scratch,” he rhymes. There’s no denying Mosey’s belief in himself that he is exactly where he’s supposed to be.

Check out Lil Mosey’s freestyle in full above and see the rest of his 2019 XXL Freshman content below.

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