Lil' Kim is focused on making a huge comeback in 2013. The Queen Bee performed at Gramercy Theater Friday night (April 26) to a large audience. She went into fan favorites such as “Twisted,” “Magic Stick” and “Lighters Up.” The Brooklyn rapper wasn’t going to leave the stage without dedicating a few songs to her closest confidant the Notorious B.I.G. She celebrated his life with old interview clips of Big, and had her raucous crowd rhyming along to “Drugs” and “It’s All About the Benjamins.” With 20-plus years in the rap game, these rare appearances show she hasn't lost her drawing power.

Before the concert kicked off, XXL had a brief conversation backstage with Kim about her latest developments. A veteran such as herself is managing to stay busy with her International Rock Stars label and her new artist Tiffany Foxx. She clears the rumors on the title of her fifth studio album, hints at her new single produced by Bangladesh, and talks about her hiatus from music. Find out what she had to say below.—Eric Diep (@E_Diep), with additional reporting by Sean Ryon (@wallysean)

On her official single:

“I’ve had so many singles that we just put out to feed the streets, but the first official single will be out in May, June or July. [It's] produced by Bangladesh. It’s different."

On the rumored title of her album, Hard Core 2: All Hail The Queen:

"No, [Hard Core 2: All Hail The Queen] was just something that my fans tried to push on us.  They had their own mind made up of things they want me to do. Songs they want me to make. Vintage was a title I heard. I was like, ‘Cute.’ I like vintage clothes, and everyone knows that, so people were like, ‘Oh, Kim, because your favorite kind of clothes are vintage, why don’t you name the album Vintage?’ I’m like, ‘It’s cute, but no.’ [Laughs]"

On returning to music:

"It feels good. [There's] nothing like a great comeback. I love being the underdog sometimes. Right now, I may be considered an underdog in some specific iconic way. You know what I mean? Sometimes, we have to go into hibernation and regroup. I’m blessed enough to been in the game for a while and still have my beautiful fans and still have the respect. That’s something that gets me going. I’m also fortunate enough to take vacation and take a little hiatus. Relax, and see what the next level I want to go to."