Lil Durk gives out free game on the daily. If you follow him on Twitter, you’re well aware that he stays cozy in preacher mode, giving quick little sermons to his multimillion-member congregation of followers.

Deemed as The Voice because he knows just what to say, according to his right-hand on wax Lil Baby on their collabo “Hats Off,” Durkio often stuffs his Twitter timeline with words of encouragement. This cold world will make a sane man crazy, but Durk suggests that you keep your vision clear no matter what. “Don’t lose sight of who you really is cause the world want you to be some else…,” he tweeted a couple of months ago. Stay true to yourself.

As a man who’s happily in love with his wifey India and proud to shout her out at any given opportunity (“She only play me in the whip/India Royale cosmetic, I'm just promotin' my bitch/Drake song do a billion streams for sure, I'm just promotin' her shit,” he raps on Drake’s “In The Bible” with GIVEON), Smurk also gives constant guidance on how to keep it player when it comes to the ladies. “If you love her tell her 24/7,” he posted earlier this year. Don’t front.

On that note, whether relationships are romantic, friendly or familial, the OTF chief also acknowledges that everyone’s spot in your life isn’t permanent, and that’s alright. “Growth don’t come with the people you expect to grow with you,” he advised back in April. You gotta keep pushing. Everyone can't come.

Lil Durk could probably write a library of books on all the wisdom that flurries through his head. One can only hope that he does that soon and sits them on the shelf of fellow Chicago native Noname’s bookstore. But in the meantime, XXL dug up 20 of Lil Durk tweets below that serve as a more condensed version and can be applied to your life at any given moment.

See Life Advice to Apply From Lil Durk’s Tweets

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