Lil Durk can breath a sigh of relief after a Cook County judge recently cleared him of a probation violation and also dropped gun charges that had been levied against the Chicago rapper.

The charges stem from an incident in November 2014 were officers went to a home while investigating a homicide and arrested Durk after they saw the “Dis Ain’t What They Want” rapper standing in the living room near a kitchen island where there were two guns in plain sight.

In the recent hearing which took place on Friday (Aug. 19), Judge Timothy Joyce acknowledged the prosecution's point that Durk had knowledge of the weapons but agreed with the defense that he was not in "possession and control" of the firearms. Therefore, he did not violate his probation.

The rapper was on probation from a 2013 incident where police officers who were responding to a call of a man with a gun claim they saw Durk toss a handgun through the open window of a stolen parked Hyundai Sonata and walk away quickly. He was later sentenced to probation after pleading not guilty. At the time, the OTF rapper was close to finishing his parole for a conviction of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

In the end, the 2x MC prevailed in court. "I was kind of nervous," Durk told the Chicago Tribune. "But I ain't ever nervous about the truth because I know God is on my side and I got a good lawyer."

Following the hearing, Durk took to Instagram to thank his lawyer for helping him get out of the jam. "Thank god for my lawyer who been there since day one Sam Adams Jr.," he wrote in the caption of a photo of himself and his lawyer after the decision was made. "I beat my case today now I can get to the money and growth of my career and being a father to my kids thank you God 2x."

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