The idea that less is more is not the case for Lil B. On Wednesday (Oct. 17), the rapper released his 34-track mixtape, Options.

Three days prior to the tape's release, Lil B shared the news to Twitter that the project is complete. "Options mixtape is done!!! So excited !! I was lucky to secure production from “ The BasedGod “ , keyboard kid , certified Hitz , uptown Greg , and many more !!!! Lil b is yummy and a cutie for doing this for us - Lil B," he tweeted.

Options features tracks such as "Drank on Your Lean," "Coming up Everyday," "Return of the Mac," "Facetime Remix," "Ballerina Based Freestyle" and many more. On track No. 11, "This is the Basedgod," B reworks Childish Gambino's "This Is America."

"This is the Basedgod" borrows the same uptempo beat as "This Is America" and has Lil B boasting about the many girls in his presence. "This is the BasedGod/He's gonna fuck my bitch/Young BasedGod got these bitches naked/Young BasedGod got these bitches in a jacuzzi/Young BasedGod got rich for selling booty/Young BasedGod got the bitches from the movies," he raps.

The outro track, "My House," is produced by Metro Boomin and ends the tape with a melodic feel. The Platinum Fame rapper slows it down a bit to describe his setting and why one should meet him at his house. "Meet me at my house, show you how I live/Big gates, nice cars, that fly shit/Check me out, I'm trying to put you on/Every house that we go to, I own," he raps.

Listen to Lil B's Options and check out the tracklist below.

Lil B's Options Mixtape Tracklist

1. "Standing Ova Intro" featuring The Basedgod
2. "Drank on Your Lean" featuring The Basedgod
3. "4 The Paper"
4. "Bounce 4 Dem Hunedz"
5. "Hot Girl"
6. "Skreet N***a"
7. "Shake It Move" featuring The Basedgod
8. "Ycfmb"
9. "BasedGod Ish"
10. "Based Race"
11. "This Is the BasedGod"
12. "I Got Options Which Way"
13. "Jumanji" featuring The Basedgod
14. "Im on a Mission" featuring The Basedgod
15. "Lifes a Journey" featuring The Basedgod
16. "Return of the Mac"
17. "By Any Means"
18. "G Eazy" featuring The Basedgod
19. "Run Them Bandz Up" featuring The Basedgod
20. "Stand Down"
21. "Come Upstairs Interlude"
22. "Money in My Spirit Ouu"
23. "Coming up Everyday"
24. "Real Vibes" featuring The Basedgod
25. "My Shoes On"
26. "Light Work"
27. "Respect Us"
28. "Facetime Remix"
29. "Dolla for Dolla"
30. "Cashing Out" featuring The Basedgod
31. "Ballerina Based Freestyle" featuring The Basedgod
32. "420 Anthem" featuring The Basedgod
33. "Yeah"
34. "My House"

2018 Basedworld Records
2018 Basedworld Records

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