Lil B and Kanye West were in the building for Game 5 between the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets last night (May 27).

B took a moment to do the cooking dance for the camera. The Bay area native previously called out James Harden of the Rockets for imitating Lil B's infamous dance without crediting him. In Based God fashion, he enacted a curse on the shooting guard and showed up to Game 5 to do it in person as promised. Prior to the Game, Lil B also threw shots at Harden for because he never met the late great Pimp C.

The curse worked as James Harden and the Rockets lost 104-90, with Harden committing an NBA playoff-record 13 turnovers. Cleveland Cavaliers swing guard Iman Shumpert saved his team from a similar fate. Shumpert, who also raps, tweeted Lil B to show appreciation for the Based God for starting the cooking dance.

The whole situation has been fascinating to watch. Watch the footage of Lil B at the game below.

perform this time

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