Lil B has ranked high on a lot of his fans' top rappers and entertainers lists, but he still hasn't put out a full body of work in his career's entirety. The Based God is gearing up to release his first official mixtape for his longtime supporters, and he just announced he has finally completed it.

The project is reportedly titled Black Ken, but so far, there's no details on what fans can expect as far as an official release date or guest features. Back in November, the 27-year-old rapper claimed the project would be a tribute to Kanye West, as well as other artists.

Today (May 9), the California native tweeted about the completion of the mixtape, telling fans to "mark this time and day" for the historic moment, as they've been waiting for it for the past seven years.

"Mark this time and day History has been made! Lil b has just completed his first official mixtape " black Ken " its 100% complete - Lil B," he tweeted.

"Right now this is the most proud of any project that I have done," the Bay Area MC tells XXL. "I produced all 27 songs on there and every one is classic. You won't need to skip any songs on this tape! This is hip-hop at its purest form. Be ready for the new sound of music produced by 'The BasedGod.'"

As far as its release date, B wrote that it's a "surprise right now," but there's a chance "it can come out between now and August. Be ready for new Lil B music leaks!!! And videos."

Despite keeping fans a bit in the dark about his upcoming project, the Based God has been busy with his musical career in 2017. Lil B was able to provide music for Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, which was played during a trailer that was released back in February.

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