Knowing how to entertain is truly a gift, something that shouldn't be taken for granted. The power of social media has bought everyone closer to rising talents and celebrities more than ever before. Twenty-four-year-old rapper LightSkinKeisha is one of those people who has found her way through this medium.

Originally finding popularity through Instagram via her funny commentary on relationships and everyday situations, which kicked off around 2014, Keisha decided to expand her talents as a longtime lover of rap by trying her hand at the genre. She made the right choice, as her songs "Treadmill" and "Ride Good" have millions of streams on their own. Not bad for a relative newcomer. Now she flexes her skills in a freestyle for XXL's What I Do series above.

In her freestyle, she bounces between a couple flows while rapping about just how far she's come. "Bitches gon' copy like follow the leader/She mad ’cause her nigga blastin' Keisha through his speakers/I been the mayor since way before Kesha/Atlanta-born baby, yeah, everything peachy," she spits, summing up her style pretty well. "These bitches can't see me/These bitches wanna be me/I'm outworking bitches, I make it look easy." Okay, Keisha!

When asked about her earlier days, LightSkinKeisha shares that becoming an artist was always in play. "I had this strong voice when I was younger, but I always so shy," she admits. "I would always play around and freestyle, so I just took it seriously last year. I like being in the studio, listening to beats and stuff, getting excited about what I'm about to produce on the record." She also has a record deal with L.A. Reid's Hitco, making her label mates with The Break alumni Yella Beezy and Skinnyfromthe9.

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