Leven Kali just bought the funk with his new song, "Do U Wrong" featuring Syd, lead singer of The Internet.

Kali, a Santa Monica, Calif.-bred singer, co-produced the song with Zack Sekoff, and shared a little info about the process of creating the track. “Me, Sekoff and Syd had a lot of fun making this.... it's a long story but this song died, came back to life, and learned how to swim. Thank you for listening," he said.

Syd starts the song off, singing the intoxicating chorus. "Baby won't you let me ride?/Tell me what you like," she croons. "I can't read your mind/Bad as I want to, I really want you so/Baby won't you let me ride?"

Leven Kali follows up, coming in on the second verse, where he tries to let a girl know how he feels without being too forward. "Oh, you can be the one, you can be the only/If you wanna be my girl or just the homie," he sings. "I can give you love, I can play it cool for you/ I can pick you up or send a pool for you."

Last year, Kali got his first taste of shine when he was featured on Playboi Carti's highly anticipated debut mixtape. Considering the only other two guests on the project were Lil Uzi Vert and A$AP Rocky, many listeners were curious about the California crooner.

He set some time aside to talk to XXL about the experience, and how he ended up with Carti. "I was in New York and he was in New York at the same time," he explains. "One of the people on his team, we had a mutual friend connection, so we linked up on a random session with no goal but mind. But we just got along really well and it was a good night, so we just made that song in the first night and it was cool."

Check out Leven Kali's "Do U Wrong" below.

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