Asahd Tuck Khaled is the first baby ever on the XXL cover. Sure, we had a pregnant Amber Rose with Wiz Khalifa one time but that wasn’t like having an actual baby on the cover. And with a baby comes very cute, small clothing. Khaled actually had four custom outfits made for himself and his son and the unveiling of the clothing might’ve been my favorite part of the whole shoot. I love tiny things and babies.

Anyway, DJ Khaled has wanted to be on the cover of XXL for a minute. He, Rick Ross, Trina and Flo Rida were featured on our Florida cover in July 2008, but Khaled hasn’t graced the front of the magazine since then. With his past two years of success, his catapult into mainstream, domination of Snapchat and all his hit songs, it seemed about time for Khaled to get the front cover honor but share it with his mini-me just to make the moment that much sweeter.

I wish I was as positive as DJ Khaled because it really seems like that energy works for him. Over two decades in the game and almost 10 albums deep, Khaled has proved to hip-hop that he’s more than just a DJ. The love he expresses to the public for his son and fiancée, Nicole Tuck, is heartwarming. It’s almost as if some people in hip-hop could learn a thing or two from the guy. He makes me think twice about being negative. I almost feel like I should put a mood board together of my personal goals.

We have a strong issue. Our in-depth interview with Freddie Gibbs takes a look at an unfair legal case he fought and won. Lil Yachty discusses the huge year he’s had, while Joey Bada$$ talks about his movement and new album. We also have a great story that breaks down the world of streaming and hip-hop and Young Dolph checks in to give his story, plus much more.

Our next issue marks the 10th anniversary of the XXL Freshman Class and that’s gonna be a big deal for us. The 10th Spot had way more votes than ever before so we know the readers are ready for the Class of 2017. The issue after celebrates the 20th anniversary of XXL or what we are calling Double Decades of Dominance, so that might be an even bigger deal. Regardless, this new issue is jam-packed with good stuff to hold you over until then.

“We cut throat cut kush cloudi’ up the atmosphere.”

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