Baltimore Ravens star running back, Ray Rice, nearly fumbled his career after striking his fiancee in an elevator in Atlantic City back in February. Rice was crucified by the media for his boneheaded mistake and it resulted in him being suspended for the first two games of the NFL season.

Now, new video has surfaced showing Rice hitting his fiancee with an intense haymaker, after the first video merely depicted him dragging her out of the elevator. The brute running back is currently being vilified by social media, and can potentially be suspended for more time, after the video made its way onto the web early this morning.

XXL spoke to Lecrae, and in light of the Ray Rice incident, he shared how he's teaching his kids right from wrong and the importance of valuing women.

On educating his children:

"I think of a lot of it is just educating them. It's not trying to shelter your kids. I mean, obviously, there's some things you want to protect. But, some of it is not trying to shelter it. It's letting them be exposed to some things, but you being the person that exposes them, and explaining it to them in the proper context, and proper light. Instead of them having to find out for themselves, and say, 'Whoa,' and develop their own opinion on some of those things that we know are foul and disrespectful. Nobody did that for me in a lot of ways."

Treating women with proper respect:

"The first time I heard certain things or certain concepts or saw the way women were treated, it was in a negative fashion. And I just thought that wasn't the way it was supposed to be. So, I never had the opportunities to hear an alternative perspective on that. And that's something I wanna give my kids.

"You know, just having a daughter myself, I don't wanna hurt her. I'm the first man that's gonna demonstrate to her how a man should treat a woman. So I just wanna make sure I do a good job in doing so, for when she deals with a man she'll be able to say, 'Yo. What is this you screaming at me? What is this you throwing stuff at me? What is this you disrespecting me? I don't know this because my father never demonstrated it. So I don't have to tolerate that. I never will?'"