LeBron James has his hands on some classified material. The Cleveland Cavaliers' forward was recently spotted on social media bobbing his head to new music from Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle.

According to fan page, @MeekMilly_Fan, the song LBJ is listening to in one of the videos is off the Philly rapper's upcoming album. "Lebron James playing that new @MeekMill intro for the album produced by @Nick_Papz on his Instagram story," the video is captioned.

In another clip, posted by Nipsey, James nods his head to the Cali rapper's song, "Blue Laces 2," off his long-awaited LP. "@kingjames debuts BLUE LACES 2 on insta gram off upcoming VICTORY LAP ALBUM," Neighborhood Nip captioned the vid.

It's not clear what type of personal relationship the NBA all-star has with these two artists, but it doesn't seem like either are upset by the major plug.

Back in June, Meek name-dropped James in a snippet he leaked on Instagram, following the Cavs' come-from-behind victory over the Golden State Warriors, after being down 3-1 in the NBA Finals. “Remember they said I would lose/Them niggas was talking that shit/So fuck it we breaking the rules/All like LeBron in this shit/Came back off a 3 to 1/Who would thought I would be the one,” he raps.

Rappers clearly have love for James, as evident in the number of times he's been mentioned in rhymes.

Check out the new snippets below.

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