The dynamic duo of Kyle and Lil Yachty are back again with another one. On Monday (Dec. 3), the quirky collaborators dropped off their latest single, "Hey Julie," after weeks of teasing the song both on stage and on social media.

After noting that fans had already learned the words to the song despite it not yet officially being released, The After Party actor decided to take action and urge Lil Yachty that it's time to drop the track. The infectious song follows in the footsteps of their prior joint effort, 2016's "iSpy," which turned into a colossal breakout record for Kyle.

The song, which premiered on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio show, doubles as an ode to their jeweler, with both rappers going in and having fun with the subject.

"Hey Julie, heard you got that wet, wet, wet / Something for my neck, neck, neck," Lil Yachty sings on the chorus. "Hey Julie, heard you got that drip, got that drip / Something for my wrist, for my wrist / Hey Julie."

For Kyle's verse, the 2017 XXL Freshman continues the lighthearted theme, reminding fans that when it comes to collaborating with the 2016 XXL Freshman, it's a no-brainer.

"Paparazzi sound like flick, flick, flick/Nikon, I'm an Icon like Will Smith kid, yeah," he spits. "Me and Yachty, that’s a layup/My old life, hasta luego/Woah, I told Spanish mami, vete aqui, woa /Yeah, gold in my mouth, I don't talk cheap/Yeah, these bitches used to make fun of my teeth."

Check out the lyric video for Kyle and Lil Yachty's "Hey Julie" below and stream the new single here.

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