Kweku Collins is making some moves. The young rapper inked a deal with Closed Sessions last year, earning some fans with the release of his Say It Here, While It's Safe project. Collins hopes to gain wider recognition with his Nat Love project and the new single "Death of Salesman" produced by Odd Couple.

"'Death Of A Salesman' is about awareness, destruction, and ultimately reconstruction," Collins told Billboard, who premiered the song. "Being failed by a system created to 'protect and serve' the people within its jurisdiction is daily. Pay attention."

If you are wondering how Kweku Collins got to this point, the Chicago native spoke about his relative luck in an interview with Passion of the Weiss. Collins explained how a simple email changed his career.

"I was sending this tape out to blogs, emailing it to everybody," Collins said. "I sent it to Closed Sessions like yo, I put this out. I really fucked with it. I felt like I was at a point where I was artistically confident and could step to these big cats of Chicago. Sent it to them. Said, I’m not asking to be signed or anything like that. But hear it, and if you are interested in pursuing something, me just coming in and meeting you guys, or just doing a song, I just come through, whatever, I would love to hear back from you, even feedback."

Before long, Kweku Collins was signed to Closed Sessions.

"I think within three days, and I didn’t even expect to hear anything because it’s fucking Closed Sessions," he said. "It was a week later, I think. I was in school and school had just ended. I got an email from Alex. He was like, 'Yo, this is good, I fuck with this, when can you come to the office?' We went a couple days later and they told me, 'Yeah, we’ve never invited anyone over off of an email submission. We’ve always just met them and then they come through.' I started coming and recording and eventually they were like, 'We just want to sign you. We’re not gonna beat around the bush anymore.”

Kweku Collins' Nat Love drops April 8 on Closed Sessions.

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