Los Angeles rapper KR is a rising star, and has just taken another step in his journey. Following the September release of his EP, The Intermission, he drops the new video for his song “Real Talk.”

The David Hernandez-directed visual skips between cityscapes and suburban scenes, both featuring KR going over his thoughts and trying to find himself through his raps. Complete with luxury cars and unique fashion choices, KR expresses his experiences as an artist the best way he knows how.

According to his interview with Billboard, he made the song to make it clear that he is a skilled rapper. “Although I make a lot of melodic tracks, ‘Real Talk’ is one of those records that I put out to display that I would never want my lyrical ability questioned,” he shared.

Even with his popularity rising every day, KR still won’t let his competition slide. “All you rappers should be scared when I get in my zone/Yeah, ya whole 2011/You aint touchin’ my throne,” he raps to his naysayers.

He’s also prepared for anyone talking down on his name: “A lotta niggas say they ball, but they ain't even hold the ball right/They try to end me by tellin’ business in blog sites.”

“Real Talk,” produced by Dinuzzo, is featured on his EP, The Intermission, along with his previous songs “Party” and “You Deserve Better.In addition to his music, KR is an actor with a bright future. He will star alongside Halle Berry and Daniel Craig in the upcoming film Kings, which will release this winter.

Check out the “Real Talk” video below.—Robby Seabrook III

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