Three weeks after dropping his single "Pop Out," KR delivers a visual for the new tune. This one finds him living up to the title of the song—or, at least coming as close as you can do doing so.

The "Pop Out" video begins with the L.A. rapper riding a speeding motorcycle into the back of a UHaul truck. It's unclear what, exactly, he's about to get into, but it looks exciting. From there, we see KR cruise around a neighborhood that looks a lot like L.A. as we see him "pop out," or surface in, a few different places.

At some points of the video the "You Deserve Better" rhymer is walking through a neighborhood. In others, he's sticking out of the side of a car as it cruises down the block. All in all, it looks like he's having a good time.

On the song itself, which belongs to his In Due Time project, KR talks to his doubters. "This is for all of the haters that doubted/I told you I made it/I'm taking the blood from the rappers/I'm killin' 'em then use 'em as fragrance/I'm just showin' the basics/I just do what I do and you do what you can don't get it mistaken," raps KR, who recently appeared in the 2018 remake of the film Superfly.

Check out the video for "Pop Out" below. Be on the look out for In Due Time, which drops next Friday (July 27), while you're at it.

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