Brooklyn MC Kota The Friend drops his new EP Palm Tree Liquor. The nine-track project was made in Kota's basement and its only feature is Blu.

"Palm Tree Liquor is about pushing through deep depression," he told Billboard. "For a long time, I suffered from sadness like many others. I want the project to tell the story of a young person growing up in Brooklyn, dealing with loneliness, trust issues, uncertainty, alcoholism and cynicism."

He adds, "It's not a story about me winning against my demons but more like me finding common ground with them and accepting my past so that I can live in the present."

In a time where there is so much sadness and trouble going on in the world, Kota uses his platform to speak on difficult subjects like depression, loneliness and so much more. Palm Tree Liquor is some much needed healing. Listen to the EP above.

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