Kool G Rap, the legendary MC from Queens, has a new album on the way after a six-year hiatus.

The “Road to Riches” rapper did an interview on the Boxtorow radio show on SiriusXM where he dropped the news that a brand new album is definitely coming in 2017. The last LP, Riches, Royalty, Respectthat the rhymer put out was back in 2011. That project was also his first solo release since 2002.

“It’s called Return of a Don,” Kool G Rap tells host Donal Ware. “It’s featuring many dope rappers, many dope MCs and certain cats in the game who I consider more than just my peers in Hip-Hop, but actual brothers. There are names on there like Saigon, names on there like Raekwon, rest in peace to my man Sean Price, who I was fortunate to record with before he passed on to the Essence.”

Kool G Rap hasn't been totally in the shadows of creating recent music. Less than a year ago, he teamed up with the late Sean Price to put together "The Underworld 2," a track that also features Havoc of Mobb Deep, Kid Fade and Johnny Richter.

There isn't an official release date for Return of a Don and Kool G Rap says that's due to some “red tape” issues. “It’s coming soon though, baby,” he adds.

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