As allegations of sexual misconduct continue to shake up Hollywood, the hip-hop world is quickly realizing it's not safe from the claims. Following allegations against Russell Simmons, rapper Kool A.D. of Das Racist fame is the latest to respond to claims of sexual misconduct against him.

On Wednesday night (Dec. 27), Kool A.D., born Victor Vazquez, posted a lengthy note on Twitter apologizing for his past actions. "I have caused a lot of pain, I have hurt people that deserved nothing but love," he wrote.

In his note, the rapper continued, "It was never my conscious intent to maliciously harm anybody but the fact remains that I did. I was critically blind to my own male privilege, I was critically blind to the privilege and power dynamic afforded to me by my celebrity (no matter how marginal that celebrity has always seemed to me), I was egotistical, thinking only of myself and my wants, I was blind to the wants, the needs, and ultimately the personhood and very humanity of women who had trusted me."

One of the incidents Kool A.D. appears to be addressing is a Tumblr post from 2012. where a then 19-year-old woman claims she was sexually assaulted by members of Das Racist and their manager. In her recounting of the night, the women says she was invited back to the group's hotel room where many tried making passes at her.

"They smoked a ton of a lot of things in their non-smoking hotel room," she wrote. "Heems grabbed my boob and then went to call his girlfriend. Dap asked me to sleep in his bed a couple times and then gave up. Lakutis asked if he could kiss me and when I said no he just decided to sneak attack kiss me on the mouth. Vic laughed at me a lot as if I knew this was gonna happen. Despot was asleep I think."

The post continued, "So I pulled their manager aside and I go, 'I’m scared. I don’t want to do anything with anybody.' And he said, 'I’m sober. You can sleep in my bed I won’t try anything.' But then I was falling asleep and he tried anyway so I pretended to be dead."

Check out Kool A.D.'s entire statement below.

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