The latest Spring issue of XXL features none other than Kodak Black, the finesse kid out of the Golden Acres Projects in Pompano Beach, FL. We talked to him about impending record deals, his new mixtape he might be dropping on his birthday, and more. But we probably could have talked about anything, because when Kodak's mom got her physical copy of the issue, she broke down in tears. See the footage above.

Kodak is one of the most consistent rappers right now, and though his latest track Institution doesn't have what seem like immediate hits ("SKRT" or "Skrilla," for instance) it's probably the best body of work he's made career so far. Despite being 24 tracks long, the kid is thorough across most of the project, only stumbling on a couple throwaways. He touches on all kinds of moods throughout the project, from being triumphant ("Rock Bottom," "Wake N Bake") to being paranoid ("Hollyhood," "Fed Up"), but his beat selection is impeccable and his writing his quietly some of the best in the business right now.

"My nigga he just got out of the gram, he got locked up again / I be feelin' like it's my fault that he right back in / He just wanted a lil money and I knew a way how / I told him to pack his bags, we goin' out of town / And shit, I knew the best option for us to stay down / But fuck all that, we young niggas, we need it right now, man / Shit get crazy when you in these types of places / Shit don't even feel the same no more, everybody changin' / It's amazin' when you make it, made it out your situation / And surprise everybody, you should see these niggas faces."

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