Kodak Black is sweeping the internet in an unlikely way. The young Pompano Beach, Fla. rapper has enjoyed meteoric internet success thus far in his career. A subtle co-sign from Drake made his current single, "SKRT," go viral. And his impressive mixtape, Institution mixtape, released in late 2015, has kept Kodak's name on many hip-hop fans' playlists.

Talking to XXL earlier this year, Kodak explained his music inspirations growing up included Nas, Lil Boosie and B.G. and that he emphasizes real music over everything else. "I don’t like to boast about myself but I make real music," he shares. "Everybody else makes songs and tracks, but my music I just come straight up with it."

But oddly enough, it's not his music that social media is having a ball with these days. It's Kodak's image. The 18-year-old is known for his gold grills, which he shamelessly flosses (literally and figuratively) any chance he can get. And a photo of the rapper attempting to twist his hair is drawing some cartoonish comparisons. But above all, the photo of Black sitting in a car with a confused, annoyed look on his face has given way to a bunch of hilarious interpretations. And in the age of the internet, the only thing to make something even funnier it to make a meme out of it, right?

Whether they're making fun of the MC or not, there's no such thing as bad press. Here's how fans are using Kodak's face and persona to create some hilarious memes. Take a look above.

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