In a case of when keeping it live goes wrong, Kodak Black has found himself at the center of online chatter as a compromising photo circulates the web. Kodak was filming himself in the shower for Instagram Live, a somewhat normal occurrence as inspiration strikes at no better time, when he momentarily lost handle of his phone, the camera falling downward and capturing all that there was to capture. A very unsafe for the workplace photo is now going around, Twitter users reacting both to Kodak's gaffe and the photo exchange.

As for the rapper himself, Kodak posted a response to Instagram below, writing, "Lol I Got Alll You Niggas Ol'Ladies Zoomiing In Tryna See My 'Lil Kodak.'" He as well captioned the image with "Ha ha I win."

Most online though aren't framing it as a win, the consensus being a collective laugh that such an incident could even happen. "Kodak Black drops his phone in the shower. Then .0002 sec later there are memes clowning him. Y’all some professionals," one Twitter user wrote. Others meanwhile are criticizing those who keep the photo trending.

For fans looking to catch Kodak in a more professional light, his video with Rae Sremmurd for "Real Chill" just dropped yesterday. Check the gallery above for a sample of reactions to Kodak's Instagram goof (NSFW), with the rapper's up and down year ending with a pretty funny fail. To his credit though, he seems to be taking the accident in good spirits.

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