Dr. Dre's comeback album Compton introduced the world to a lot of young talent that had been grinding on the underground scene for years. One of those young talents was King Mez, a North Carolina rapper. The new Aftermath signee was featured on a few Compton tracks and heavily involved in the writing of the LP. Naturally, the world's been waiting on his next move.

King Mez has finally delivered as the Carolina MC drops his new single "Changed" produced by Cardo. The song sees him addressing the idea that he's different now that he's got some recognition. In the first verse, Mez raps from the perspective of person who thinks Mez turned his back on where he came from.

"Feel like I don't see you in the hood no more, used to struggle like we do/We knew from the beginning the minute you blow that we wasn't gonna see you/We helped feed you before you left home, you talk about Raleigh/Fuck you, you can't rap about the ghetto without bringing your people/Oh you think you so popping n---a, well where the money at cause you dudes stay shopping/Yeah you claim the Southside no doubt about it/But we want to school with you n---a you ain't so bout it bout it/Your jeans got a little tighter, don't think that we hating dog/But on pursuit to happiness don't start dressing like Jaden dog/I mean where the fuck the album at?/N---as been waiting dawg/That Dre shit you did was aight/But don't think that you made it dog," King Mez raps.

Ultimately, King Mez declares he's simply grown up. He turns the table and says those who doubt him have changed.

"I ain't changed, I grew my n---a/What's so wrong with learning something new my n---a?/You shake my hand different when I'm coming through my n---a/If anybody changed, honestly it might be you my n---a," King Mez raps.

While there's no official word, this single's arrival could be a sign that King Mez is preparing to release the EP he told XXL about last year.

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