F*ck the Summer Up (Official Video, Explicit) by King Combs on VEVO.

Rapper Christian "King" Combs, son of famed rap mogul Sean Diddy Combs, drops two new videos today (July 14) quintessential for all your summer flexin' needs. The videos for "F*ck the Summer Up" and "Type Different" each show off King Comb's inherited riches but give fans two side of his flow.

Like the title implies, "F*ck the Summer Up" King's proclamation to take over the rap game this season. In the Kid Art-directed clip, the 19-year-old rides a jet ski and compares himself to ever other MC out right now. Peep the vintage Ruff Ryders and Bad Boy gear throughout.

"You ain't talkin 'bout New York if you ain't talkin' bout Chris/Tell them niggas stop rapping/We don't play in the same mits/You ain't got the swag like this/You ain't got the bag like this/My whole catalog platinum/Straight hits no miss," rhymes Combs.

In "Type Different," King Combs rounds up his crew for flexing on a yacht while Lajan Slim and Bay Swag assist with a couple verses and the hook. Zoey Dollas and King's brother Justin make appearances in the LVTRKEVIN-directed flick.

"C3 just hopped out the Beamer/All the bad bitches, I see ya/CYN type different/Balling like a Pistol," spits Combs.

Both visuals premiered on REVOLT TV, which is no surprise considering Combs is the son of the channel's owner. You do the math.

King Combs signed to Diddy's Bad Boy Records and Epic Records back in April. At the time of the signing, both Diddy and Epic exec L.A. Reid were on hand to congratulate him.

"NEW DEAL ALERT!!! Everyone wish my son @KingCombs a happy birthday & CONGRATS on signing that record deal!! #BADBOY #EPIC,” Diddy captioned an Instagram post about the signing.

Check out the videos above and below and be on the lookout for more from the rap royalty soon.

Type Different (Explicit) by King Combs & & on VEVO.

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