It's been two years since Kid Ink released an album. In 2015, the West Coast rapper dropped his sophomore LP, Full Speed, featuring hit singles "Real" and then surprised fans with his release Summer in the Winter.

Since then, the former XXL Freshman has supplied fans with three projects—4B's with Batgang, Rocketshipshawty 2 and most recently his 7 Series. Now, Ink's focus is on his forthcoming album, on which he's incorporating multiple sounds.

"With the new album coming up, I feel like I definitely been keeping it home team, you know, working with a lot of producers, writers and artists that are just around me more than anything," the 31-year-old rhymer tells XXL. "Ty [Dolla $ign], Hitmaka, I've been in the studio a lot with Jeremih; people that I just vibe with."

Ty and Kid Ink joined forces recently on the song "F With U," featured on the latter's 7 Series EP. As for Jeremih, the two linked up on the 2016 track "Nasty" featuring Spice.

Kid Ink is creating a new project that will cater to anyone with a broad musical taste. "I've been working with people who aren't just stuck into one sound. We're not just trying to do one hip-hop sound, one R&B sound, one pop song. Everybody is in the studio doing so much different stuff. Being in there, I think album [five] will be brand new maybe to some fans that probably don't know me until like a 'Show Me' record, but I think for a lot of the mixtape fans and day one fans who grew up with me trying things and doing all kinds of different music because I didn't really have a sound or a single anybody was looking for, [those people will like it]. I was just trying to figure my own stuff out. I think it's back to just having more fun with the music."

Recently, the rapper dropped the new videos for “No Strings” featuring Starrah.and “Swish” featuring 2 Chainz. Aside from working on this new LP, Kid Ink also shared with XXL that he has plans to put out new installments of his 7 Series EP.

Watch Kid Ink open up about his forthcoming album below.

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