Congratulations are in order for Kid Cudi. As of Sept. 16, RIAA reports that four of his classic cuts have gone platinum in sales. The association reports that Cudi's "Erase Me," "Make Her Say," "Up Up and Way" and "Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)" are all platinum in sales. "Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)," "Make Her Say" and "Up Up and Away" first appeared on Cudi's 2009 debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day. "Erase Me" appeared on his sophomore LP, 2010's Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.

There's no doubt Cudi's tracks achieved platinum status with the help of the new certification rules. Back in February of this year, RIAA changed its certification rules to allow songs streams from services like Spotify, Apple Music and TIDAL to count towards sales. Artists like Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Rae Sremmurd and more were instantly awarded platinum plaques when the new rules were put into place. Cudder can now add these plaques to his collection.

The Cleveland boy has been the center of a strange beef with Kanye West, his musical mentor and former G.O.O.D. Music boss. Earlier this month, Cudder went on a Twitter rant about how fake the music industry is, naming artists like 'Ye and Drake as those whose "don't give a fuck" about him. Kanye answered Cudi's claims the next day while he was on his Pablo Tour. Kanye temporarily stopped his concert to say he birthed Cudi's entire sound and aesthetic. But in a strange twist days later, Kanye then claimed Cudi was one of the most influential artists of our time.

“I just wanna take this time out to say Kid Cudi is my brother and I hope he’s doing well," said 'Ye while in concert that week. "He’s the most influential artist of the past 10 years.”

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