Kid Cudi appeared on The Talkhouse podcast to speak with Paul Reubens, the man who plays the character of Pee-wee Herman. During their conversation, Cudi told Reubens that he wrote a part for the actor in a TV pilot he is working on now.

"I'm actually gonna send you this script I'm working on," Kid Cudi said. "I want you tell me if it's crap or if it's good. I actually have a character for you already. You don't even understand. I've already written you in the show. And this is... I'm not bullshitting. It's an amazing character. He's actually a mentor of my character and he gives him amazing advice on women, but also business advice as well. He kind of hooks him up with... My character kind of hooks him up with stuff. I don't wanna get too into the details."

Kid Cudi also told Paul Reubens about how meeting the comedian during the filming of HBO's How to Make It in America helped him deal with his increasing fame.

"I was definitely in a weird place in my life at that time," Cudi told Reubens about their meeting. "Fame is a weird thing and I was adjusting, so to see you brought me back to Scott in the midst of Kid Cudi, HBO, you know, what was happening... 'How to Make It in America.' It brought me back to this kid. It was pure. That's why I always say it's something that I'll always remember. Because at that time I was definitely troubled and dealing with a lot."

You can check out the entire episode with Kid Cudi and Paul Reubens above or sample a few clips from the podcast below.

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