Khia delivers her new music video for "Santa Baby," a sped-up remix of the Christmas song. Throughout the self-directed clip, the "My Neck, My Back" artist shows off both her rapping and singing abilities.

You can view the nearly three-minute visual above via YouTube. The 39-year-old artist flips the classic 1953 song, turning it into a raunchy track with X-Mas metaphors galore. "Deckin' my walls with sloppy toppy/'Tis the season to be naughty," she spits.

Back in 2012, Khia dropped a slower version of "Santa Baby," which doesn't feature any rapping. "Think of all the blunts I've missed/Think of all the ballers that I haven't kissed/Next year I could be just as good/If you check off my Christmas list," she sings.

In other Khia-related news, the Philadelphia native called Kanye West a "bitch" back in August for recording his famous (no pun intended) phone call with Taylor Swift. During the phone call, Yeezy asks Swift if he can use a line about her on the smash hit "Famous" from The Life of Pablo.

“Kanye’s bitch ass secretly recorded Taylor Swift’s conversation when he called and pretended like he was telling her what this record was gonna be when he was calling her all kind of white bitches and whores,” Khia said during an episode of her radio show The Queen’s Court.

She continued, “And saying that he might as well hit that ass cause he’s the who made her famous and all that carrying on. And when he called, Taylor claimed he didn’t say all that. She didn’t know she was gonna be call all kind of bitches and white whores and slores.”

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