Recently Khia took some time out to insinuate that Plies is in the closet as a gay man, referring to him in a video as "The biggest closet creeper of 2016." You can see what else she had to say about Plies in the video up top. Now, the Florida rapper has offered up a response, and predictably, it's a pretty crude one. You can find that video at the bottom of this post.

"I told her don't get mad at me 'cause nobody don't want that little dirty pussy," Plies says in the video before chuckling. "Dirty pussy, I pour some water on that pussy, that little pussy turn into mud. Old little dirty pussy ass."

It's hard to see where exactly Khia's beef with Plies comes from, but she's had no problems bumping heads with rappers in the past. Back in July, the "My Neck, My Back" performer called out Kanye West for recording his phone conversation with Taylor Swift and later using it against the 1989 artist.

“Kanye’s bitch ass secretly recorded Taylor Swift’s conversation when he called and pretended like he was telling her what this record was gonna be when he was calling her all kind of white bitches and whores,” Khia said during an episode of her radio show The Queen’s Court. “And saying that he might as well hit that ass cause he’s who made her famous and all that carrying on. And when he called, Taylor claimed he didn’t say all that. She didn’t know she was gonna be called all kind of bitches and white whores and slores.”

In the case of Plies, Khia struck first and last. The Thug Misses rapper reposted Plies' video and clapped back with a caption of her own.

In other Plies-related news, the "Shawty" performer's Racks Up to My Ear Challenge is taking over the Internet. You can read more about it here.

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