While doing press for his upcoming movie, Grudge Match, Kevin Hart expressed his understanding for Kanye’s current frustrations. Always one to be outspoken about his feelings, Kanye has currently shared them via interviews and through monologues during his concerts. Recent topics included not being able to break into the fashion industry and the Grammys.

Hart says he can sympathize with West, stating that we all have a breaking point and what are being labeled as outbursts are actually coming from a passionate place.  Hart states “right now, this clothing thing is pissing him off, ‘cause he wants somebody to understand that he is passionate about it, he knows what he’s talking about. ‘Gimme the chance.’ He feels like nobody will. And it’s coming off in a rage of passion. Anybody who says anything that is not remotely close to understanding what he is saying or trying to execute is getting the—they’re getting the ‘ahh!’ But it’s—I get where it’s coming from, man. At the end of the day, take from it from what he’s really trying to express. And it’s just that ‘Hey, I really love what I’m talking about. I really want to do and execute what it is that I’m talking about.’”—Ariana LaBarrie