Kevin Gates' Islah is a tour de force of a debut album, and yesterday (May 11) the Baton Rouge rapper let fans know that the LP was now officially certified gold by the RIAA.

In the IG post above, you can also see how "2 Phones" hopped over "Really Really" to become the bigger single and go platinum.

The strong sales of the album might have surprised those who aren't aware just how popular Gates is down south, but one look at the iTunes charts will educate you - as of today, Islah is No. 2 on the rap chart.

Judging by how excellent the album is and how rabid Gates' fans are, it's not that shocking at all. But the amount of potential singles on Islah are kind of jaw-dropping; "Time for That," "Pride," "Hard For," "One Thing," - take your pick, any of those could be potential singles in the future.

Earlier this year, Gates said he met with Apple and they told him he actually outsold Rihanna's ANTI album. Recently he recalled another meeting with the tech giant where he kept it straight with them and told 'em their Beats by Dre headphones were ass. Watch that clip below, along with the video for "Not the Only One," the stunning intro from Islah. Congrats to Gates. Murder for Hire 2 on the way.

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