Kevin Gates got into it with a couple of female fans last night (March 30).

In the video above, it appears that a couple of ladies were grabbing on the "I Don't Get Tired" rapper before he had enough and retaliated. Gates was performing at Z Club in Flint, Mich. for a very packed house when the first fight started. Security guards then rushed to break the incident and Gates went right back to rapping.

As if he didn't have enough, the Baton Rouge native is seen getting into it with another female fan towards the end of the video. According to TMZ, the cops weren't called and the show just carried on.

Gates just came off of his 10-date I Don’t Get Tired Tour through the South. He was recently featured on Boldy James' "Bet That Up," along with Snootie Wild. Gates is wildly known for sharing too much information via his social pages. More recently, the Louisiana rhymer hopped on Instagram to call out President Barack Obama, saying, "Please get this n***a out of office." According to Gates, President Obama is to blame for the recent passing of his friends. Previously he caused a stir on the Internet by posting a photo of his deceased grandmother. The former XXL freshman's social account activity has been well documented. Peep seven of Gates’ craziest Insta-vids from the last couple of months.