To Pimp a Butterfly, has distinguished itself as the high-water mark for digital music fervor. On March 16) the LP set a single-day album streaming record for the digital music provider Spotify, who report that the album
was listened to over 9.6 million times. Then the following day (March 17), 
To Pimp a Butterfly broke its own record with 9.8 million streams.

The record was a fresh one, too--the previous holder was Drake, whose surprise album If You're Reading This It's Too Late was released just last month, was the last title holder, with some 6.8 million streams of that record. It's too late to project first-week sales for Butterfly, which is expected to hit stores some time early next week.

Unlike his acclaimed 2012 debut, good kid, m.A.A.d. city, which was aggressively narrow in scope--the triumphant coda was called, simply, "Compton"--To Pimp a Butterfly is a sprawling, sometimes formless effort that incorporates elements of music from The Roots, D'Angelo, late-period Outkast and others. It's jazz-drenched and exceptionally long, demanding the listener's full attention for its 80-minute running time.