It's tough to surmise the release schedule for TDE but when we do get new music from the dominant label, it's always welcomed. Sometimes the new music goes right under our noses, similar to when they secretly put out SiR's Her EP. This time, a snippet of new lyrics from Kendrick Lamar's "DNA" was spotted in the broadcast of the NBA Finals this year.

Heard in the video below, a 20 second snippet of the popular song from Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. album backs a montage of various Warriors players celebrating their win. With a new focus on celebration, the set of lyrics is more fitting for a sports-themed setting, making it perfect for the TV spot. The spacing between lyrics is also much more noticeable, possibly to make the new verse fit the video clip's length. It's unclear whether the lyrics were originally recorded and scrapped or freshly recorded just for this TV clip. The rest of the video is the live footage from the game after the series.

The new lyrics go, "I got motivation, realization in my DNA/I got devotion and emotion in my DNA/Eyes open wide, yeah, we only want the prize/Standing ovation and celebration for our DNA."

"DNA" also made its way to headlines when the Mike WiLL Made-It beat was freestyled over by 2 Chainz this week. As for more videos from DAMN., we've already gotten a short preview from the video shoot for Kendrick's track with Rihanna, "Loyalty."

You can watch the original TV spot below.

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