When it comes to music and fashion, Kanye West certainly has a penchant for going all out, and for his Yeezy Season 4 show on Wednesday (Sept. 7) he did just that, shuttling attendees to Roosevelt Island, where models were positioned, wearing his latest collection. However, as can be the case with such ambition, the event ran into some trouble due to the conditions and requirements. Stella Bugbee, who is the Editorial Director at New York Magazine's The Cut, documented the scene as one model fainted from the heat.

"This is shameful and horrible and I regret coming," she wrote after witnessing the fall. "Honestly Adidas should be ashamed."

WWD reports that 20 minutes into the show, which started about an hour late, approximately 30 models opted to take a seat on the grass. Model Amina Blue meanwhile discarded her shoes mid-show after limping in them, a moment captured by Twitter.

While Bugbee discouraged writers from covering the event, she was compelled to publish a piece today in which she writes, "Maybe [West] and Beecroft will clarify the effect they were going for. But it seems simpler and more likely that they just didn’t think much about what might happen if young women were forced to stand in the hot sun for a long time, and didn’t have a team that was able to act in an empathetic way when they became unwell."

Read a selection of Bugbee's tweets below.

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