Kanye West's stay in Australia hasn't really made headlines for the concert performance, although social media footage indicate it has been a treat. Images of West playing basketball in a Perth court leaked online. During his concert sermon, West revealed some details about a sneaker the average wearer probably wouldn't play ball in.

'Ye said the Yeezy 3 will hit retail this November. The adidas shoe's look has been kept under wraps, but what's known is that release probably won't have the same amount of frenzy surrounding it as the Red Octobers. The colorway dropped without warning on Feb. 9, days before the 10th anniversary of The College Dropout. The sneakers sold out within minutes. That won't be the case with the Yeezy 3 if West is right about their increased availability.

West's seventh solo album should be coming out later this year (the world still awaits for "All Day"). For now, check out the sneaker announcement at the 2:50 mark.