We know now what will render Kanye West completely speechless.

Kanye made an appearance on magician's David Blaine latest television special, David Blaine: Real Or Magic?, in which the magician performed a rather impressive trick for the rapper. Yeezy along with actor Woody Harrelson watched Blaine stick an ice pick straight through his hand.

"Man, I lost my erection entirely," Harrelson quipped as Kanye gawked in dumbfounded silence at the ice pick in the magician's hand.

The Chicago rapper wasn't the only rapper to be shocked senseless by Blaine's mind-bending street magic as both Macklemore and Will Smith - with the rest of his family in tow - made appearances on the special to watch Blaine personally perform an astounding allusion for them.

You can watch a clip of Kanye's appearance on David Blaine: Real Or Magic in the video above.

[Via Pitchfork]

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