Tonight Kanye West updated his The Life of Pablo album on TIDAL, and one of the tweaks he made was putting Vic Mensa back on "Wolves."

Frank Ocean fans, don't fret - he's still there too, but they separated his part from "Wolves" and made it it's own track called "Frank's Song." You can listen to the updated version on TIDAL.

Kanye might have been feeling the heat from angry fans after premiering The Life of Pablo without Vic Mensa or Sia. The alteration was a major move for many listeners who were yearning to finally hear Vic's part in CDQ. Now, a month after the album originally came out on TIDAL, Vic is back on.

So is this the final version of The Life of Pablo? Only Kanye knows. He said today the album is

While Kanye has kept one hand on the Pablo wheel, he's also been driving Turbo Grafx 16, his next album. He was recently pictured in the lab working on the project with Mike Dean, Kid Cudi, and Plain Pat.

He's also promised people a third album to come this year. "No more fashion calendar... I'm going Mad Max... 6 collections a year...3 albums a year," he tweeted over the weekend.

Kanye has been making very nice with the paps recently. Just today he hitched a ride with one of 'em from the gym. Talk about positive. The man is using the paparazzi to save himself the driving. “I don’t need Uber anymore,” Kanye said. “I just have the paps take me where I wanna go.”

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