The now infamous rollout of Kanye West's new album has been dissected and discussed ad nauseam. But the reality is that plenty of fans have been disappointed by their inability to purchase The Life of Pablo.

When he was stopped by some fans at the airport, Kanye West encountered some interesting reactions to the whole situation. One person actually asked Kanye if it was ok to steal the album. The Chicago rapper responded kindly to the inquiry.

"I would prefer for everyone to sign up for Tidal," Kanye said. "To get the album on Tidal. That's what I prefer."

As Kanye West provided his answer, someone yelled at him that "nobody likes Tidal." This caught Ye's attention as he fired back and called the man a hater.

"Who said no one likes Tidal?" Kanye asked. "You're a hater. There's a lot of people who like Tidal. What do you mean? You guys like it."

Kanye West's new album The Life of Pablo can only be consumed via streaming and is exclusively available on Tidal. This came after an initial release that saw the album briefly put up for purchase on his own website before being taken down.

While plenty of listeners have followed Kanye West's advice to sign up for Tidal and hear the album, many have resorted to illegally downloading The Life of Pablo. Kanye has decided to fight back against Pirate Bay, one of the biggest outlets for these illegal downloads. Ye plans to take the website to court for copyright infringement and loss of earnings.

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