Fans in San Jose may be pining for the old Kanye after a Saint Pablo show Thursday night (Nov. 17) devolved into a lengthy political rant in which the rapper voiced his support of Donald Trump, saying that he admired aspects of Trump's campaign, which was largely characterized by Trump's politically incorrect and offensive remarks with regard to women and other minorities. While spoken interludes are commonplace for any given Kanye show, his remarks above seemed to have derailed the whole performance, the crowd at times booing, with some throwing objects onstage.

“I told y’all I didn’t vote, right? But if I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted for Trump,” Kanye said. “There’s nonpolitical methods to speaking that I like, that I feel were very futuristic. And that style, and that method of communication, has proven that it can beat a politically correct way of communication. And I fuck with that. I actually think that his approach was absolutely genius. Because it fucking worked!” It would seem as if Kanye is praising Trump's marketing techniques, or the public persona he put forth. At one point in the video above, he says, "I hate the fact that because I’m a celebrity, everybody told me not to say that I loved the debates. I loved his approach."

He as well tackled the subject of racism, seemingly taking the stance that discussion won't help to eradicate it. “Specifically to black people, stop focusing on racism,” he said. “This world is racist, OK? Let’s stop being distracted to focus on that as much. It’s just a fucking fact: we are in a racist country. Period. Do not allow people to make us talk about that so fucking long.” He also doubled down on the idea of running for president in 2020. He even said there are things Ben Carson believes in that Kanye believes in: "I think that Benjamin Carson should still be a consultant."

If there was any strain on Kanye's friendship with Jay Z, this may have taken it a step further. Jay and Beyonce each endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, Jay saying of Trump, "I don’t have any ill will toward him. But his conversation is divisive, and that’s not an evolved soul to me. So he cannot be my president. He cannot be our president. Once you divide us, you weaken us. We are stronger together."

A Twitter user at the concert livetweeted everything Kanye was saying. Check out those tweets below.

Fan Livetweets Kanye West's Rant About Donald Trump

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