Months after serving up the first entry into his Sunday Service series, Kanye West is all set to bring his gospel-influenced performances to the big stage.

Today (April 21), Yeezy's celebrating by Easter Sunday by delivering a performance at the "The Mountain" inside the Coachella campground for the 2019 Coachella Festival in Indio, Calif. The details of the performance aren't known, but it wouldn't be surprising to see a grander rendition of the weekly performances Kanye's put on to this point.

Kanye was originally thought to be performing at 2019 Coachella as far back as late 2018, but in January, it was reported that disputes over his wish to use a giant dome in his performance led Kanye to pull out of the festival. On March 31, it was reported that Kanye had decided to perform at the annual music showcase and that he was bringing his Sunday Service into the mix.

Yeezy's performance today comes with a ton of speculation. There's no telling who, exactly, will be popping up onstage with the rapper, but it could very well be a star-studded set. Additionally, there have been rumors that the Sunday Service event is a big teaser for the release of Kanye’s long-delayed album Yandhi. There's nothing official, but fans are crossing their fingers.

For now, though, you can stream the epic 2019 Coachella edition of Kanye's Sunday Service for yourself when it begins at 12 p.m. EST below.

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