It looks like Kanye West is headed to Netflix. Well, not exactly, but one of his best songs in recent years has just been used in a trailer for an upcoming TV series on the platform. Yesterday (May 25), Netflix premiered a new trailer for Ozark, and "Wolves," a fan favorite from Yeezy's The Life of Pablo, was used as the music for the preview.

Ozark chronicles the life of one family that relocates from the Chicago suburbs to a resort community in Missouri's Ozark Mountains. Why have they done that, you ask? Well, it turns out the patriarch of the family, Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), is trying to make an escape from his increasingly dangerous career as a money launderer for a Mexican drug cartel, and feels like moving to a more secluded, rural space is the best way to escape the wrath of the cartel.

In the trailer, we hear the eerie "Wolves" playing in the background as we see clips of Byrde's family adjusting to their new life in the titular Ozarks. At different points in the clip we hear gunshots, see what look like tigers battling, someone falling out of a sky scraper and...even a good bit more than that. It looks pretty epic, and the dope Cashmere Cat-produced track is an interesting choice for a show that looks so action-packed. Netflix will premiere the first 10 episodes of Ozark on July 21.

Peep the trailer for yourself below.

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