Kanye West has been at the center of controversy since his return to Twitter, sparking both outrage from fans and the hip-hop community. On the flip side, he's received support from members of the alt-right group. After tweeting his praise for conservative Candace Owens and her way of thinking last week, the super producer met with the commentator yesterday (April 29), along with right-wing member Charlie Kirk.

The three met in Calabasas, Calif., and were spotted by the paparazzi leaving a building together. While it's not exactly clear what the three discussed during their meeting, it's safe to assume that Kanye's "free thinking" tweets and praise of Donald Trump could have been some key topics.

Donald Trump Jr., who has been showing praise for Yeezy following his controversial tweets and support of his Commander-in-Chief father, tweeted out a photo from the meeting as well, despite him not being involved.

"Woah, looks like my pals @realcandaceO and @charlieKirk11 hanging with @kanyeWest yesterday," he writes. "This should be interesting!"

Charlie Kirk retweeted Trump Jr.'s tweet of the three meeting up, writing that it was for "Free thinkers only."

If you recall, the Life of Pablo hitmaker previously tweeted that he liked "the way Candace Owens" thinks, which led him to receive backlash from many fans, including some of his celebrity peers. Owens, who is a heavy conservative, has frequently spoken out against the Black Lives Matter movement and the perspectives of the black community. When she saw Kanye's tweet about her, she shared her excitement and begged him for a meeting

See Donald Trump Jr.'s response to Kanye meeting with Candace and Charlie below.

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