Time Magazine revealed their "100 Most Influential People" list and Kanye West is on the cover with a profile written by Elon Musk. 'Ye opens up about his desire to make the world a better place and being frank. "Every time I crash the Internet, it's like...this little drop of truth," he said. "Every time I say something that's extremely truthful out loud, it literally breaks the internet. So what are we getting all the rest of the time?"

Kanye is known for saying some of the most thought-provoking, controversial things. Usually classified as rants, 'Ye says that all he's trying to do is inspire change."I don't care about having a legacy, I don't care about being remembered," Kanye said. The most important thing to 'Ye is just making the world a better place. Because of this focus, he's not focused on his competition within the music industry. "Our focus needs to be less about our legacy or how we're going to control each other, but more how can we give to each other," he said.

He also opens up about his beginnings in music, experiencing elitism within the fashion world, using negative things that happen to him as inspiration, giving with an unselfish heart and more. Check out the two clips that included with the profile below.

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