The mystery behind Kanye West's second adidas collection has remained uncertain for several weeks. Even after movie tickets became accidentally available for purchase online for the so-called "Kanye West Yeezy Season 2 Premiere" showing, and were later removed from each of the theaters' listings, the buzz surrounding the season 2 Yeezy collection has continued to leave people clueless and in hopes of an answer.

Now, with New York Fashion Week only a day away, the rumors surrounding Kanye's adidas collection have gotten stronger and stronger, so much so that today, a website under the URL randomly popped up online with a cryptic countdown that ends tomorrow afternoon.

If you recall, back in February as Kanye was getting ready to unveil his first adidas collection, a similar countdown popped up on the website only days away from the fashion show. However, the website that was unveiled today with the mysterious countdown contains a different URL from the one posted earlier this year, which still leaves many people up in the air.

While the first part of the adidas Yeezy collection has yet to drop, we've seen several top-notch artists posing with the garments from the first collection in several editorial campaigns. As fans await the release of the first collection, Kanye West has been spotted rocking new iterations of his Yeezy 350 sneaker.

With all these developments surrounding 'Ye and his possible season 2 collection, XXL reached out to reps for adidas and Kanye West to confirm the possible season 2 collection unveiling, but reps have not responded to requests for comment.

As we await for more information to be released or leaked, keep it locked with XXL for all of the last-minute updates regarding the Yeezy Season 2 collection.

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