At the Houston stop of his Saint Pablo tour on Tuesday night (Sept. 20), Kanye West had warmer words for his peer Kid Cudi than weeks prior.

While performing tonight, Kanye said, "I just wanna take this time out to say Kid Cudi is my brother and I hope he's doing well. He's the most influential artist of the past 10 years." You can watch him say so above.

It's a different position than the one Yeezy took soon after Cudi had an outburst on Twitter a couple weeks back. "Ye, Drake [...] These niggas dont give a fuck about me," Cudi wrote at the time. "And they aint fuckin with me."

That same night, Kanye was in Tampa for his Saint Pablo tour and addressed Cudi's comments. "Kid Cudi, don’t ever mention ‘Ye name. I birthed you,” said 'Ye. “We all dealing with that emo shit all the time; me, Pat, Don C. Don’t ever mention ‘Ye name. Don’t try to say who I can do songs with. You mad ’cause I’m doing songs with Drake. Ain’t nobody telling ‘Ye who to do songs with. Respect the God!”

Seems like Kanye may have reconsidered his feelings, but Cudi hasn't mentioned it since.

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