After the cameras turn off for the BET Awards, all of the attention from the celebrities and artists shifts to which afterparties they'll be attending. For those blessed enough to receive an invite, Khloe Kardashian held a birthday party after the awards and naturally invited her sister's husband Kanye West. And guess who showed up—famed music video directors Coodie and Chike.

In a new TMZ video below, Kanye is seen exiting a club in West Hollywood while on the phone. While the paparazzi take several pictures of him, Kanye directs his friends to walk towards him to get into Khloe's birthday party. He tells Coodie to look for all of the flashing lights: "You see me flashing! You know what it is, bruh!" Kanye is visibly in a great mood, answering a question about the award show: "Man, so much fire. So much excellence."

When they finally meet up, Kanye daps up Coodie and Chike then they all embrace for a quick hug. As they break and head towards the club, Chike is thrilled to see Kanye again: "This is good right here! They don't know what this is right here!"

It seems like the three of them haven't seen each other in a while. Coodie and Chike have worked on several music videos for artists like Lupe Fiasco, Joey Badass, Erykah Badu and others. Early in their career, they directed Kanye's "Through the Wire" video. They also directed the ESPN 30 for 30 film Benji.

In September last year, there were some conspiracy theories surrounding the original story behind "Through the Wire" floating around. At the time of the video, Kanye wasn't getting any support from the label, so he funded it himself and jumpstarted his solo career.

You can watch the video of Kanye meeting Coodie and Chike below.

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