So it looks like Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian-West are about to pocket a massive check. According to TMZ, the superstar couple is selling their lush Bel-Air mansion for over $17.8 million. The purchase will go down as the most expensive sale the community's ever seen.

The parents, who are reportedly expecting a baby girl in the next few months, first copped the property, which rests on one acre of land in the exclusive Bel-Air Crest community, back in 2013. The price was then $9 million. The pair reportedly raised the value of the crib by reinventing it as a "modern, minimalist home," likely spending millions of dollars in the process. Seeing as they're selling the pad for almost twice what they bought it for, it looks like those upgrades were worth it.

The person buying their renovated house is a Ukrainian philanthropist by the name of Marina Acton. Based in California's Silicon Valley, she's now pursuing a music career, and she found 'Ye and Kim K's spot to be the sort of place to inspire creativity.

Yeezy and Kim K, who had their property broken into a few weeks back, are all set to move into their Hidden Hills home they've been renovating for the last few years. We're betting it's also more than a little swanky.

Salute to Kanye and Kim!

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